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It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation function, electronic automatic metering technology, and PLC program control, which can completely solve the filling of ultra-fine powder at one time, and has the characteristics of accurate metering and no dust.


Precision turning screw, anti-bridging device, vacuum system, frequency conversion control system, weighing control system, PLC control system, etc.

working principle:

Use weighing system and PLC to control frequency conversion screw fast, medium and slow feeding.

Product Highlights:

The variable-speed screw feeding process is continuously degassed, which is mainly designed for light specific gravity and good material fluidity.

system integration:

PLC program control, automatic turntable valve, Chinese touch interface, weighing module measurement.

Target users:

Carbon black (pigment/pyrolysis/acetylene), modified type (heavy calcium/nano-calcium/white clay), silica (matting powder/precipitated white silica), stearate (calcium/zinc/magnesium/heat stabilizer) Various powders with high gas content and large volume and light specific gravity.

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