Company Profile

  Guangzhou Jingke Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, the economic center of South China. It is an exclusive quantitative packaging industry for the company. It is a technology-intensive enterprise integrating development, design, manufacturing and installation. It has a group of The developed engineering and technical personnel have rich theoretical and engineering practical experience in equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and technical services. They are professionally designed and manufactured: automatic quantitative packaging machine for powder and granular materials, automatic batching and mixing packaging production line, powder Material grading equipment and related supporting products: material handling, lifting, storage, mixing, dust removal and other powder engineering equipment in several categories and dozens of varieties, serving metallurgy, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and many other industries. At the same time, the company also hired experts with high theoretical level and rich practical experience to join in to carry out a series of technical exchanges. It is now a member unit of the China Metrology and Packaging Technology Committee, providing users with high-quality products and services.

  The company’s main products: valve port type quantitative packaging machine, open type quantitative packaging machine, liquid quantitative filling machine, quantitative detection scale, batching control system, measurement engineering, etc. Products are widely used in many fields such as chemical industry, food, building materials, coal, petroleum, storage, transportation, grain and oil, medicine, road engineering and so on. The company’s newly developed valve port type vacuum packaging machine focuses on special research on powder with special material properties, which solves the problem of material breaking with low bulk density, poor fluidity, ultra-fine particle size, and strong air affinity. The development of auxiliary measures such as the material method and air extraction in the filling bag effectively solves the packaging speed and accuracy of this type of material, while at the same time strictly controlling the dust overflow at the production site to make the production site clean.

   Hard work, forge ahead, pragmatism, innovation is our pursuit, "quality first, integrity-based" is our business philosophy. Your trust is your deep love for us. We will work harder and return users with the latest products and best services. May our products bring you a whole new experience.